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The film, “P.J.”, also has an incredible score by composer Neil Argo, which goes along well with the cast's fine, performances and the beauty of New York City. Needless to say, the two are a match made in movie heaven. 

-Reviewed by Tony Farinella for 411

Reviewing the soundtrack....” I am pleased to report that Mr. Argo's score for “PJ” is a hidden gem, one that I sincerely hope is made available to the public at some point. This intimate orchestral score was a very pleasant surprise, reminding me a little bit of the low-key work of Elmer Bernstein. The opening “P. J. Main Title” is a gorgeous (though brief) piece of music that hooked me immediately.”

-Review by: Clark Douglas for Movie Music UK

The main theme for SURVIVORS is a wonderful, richly orchestrated melody for a full ensemble of woodwinds, French horn, and violins over cello, while that for SAFARI is a muted synth and percussion dominated theme. The music throughout the CD is relaxing and absorbing, tranquil and persuasive. 

-Reviewed by: Randall Larson of SOUNDTRACK.NET

“P.J. proves to be a restrained and subtle backdrop for this intimate film. Argo’s score is a pleasure to listen to, made all the more so by the fine summarizing “End Title,” a beautiful piece of music in its own right.”

-Reviewed by: Steven Kennedy for Film Score Monthly

Soundtrack review: Wild America (Neil Argo – 1982)

- Mihnea Manduteanu for

Soundtrack Review: Wild America

-Reviewed by: Jørn Tillnes for



“Neil is a great composer, has the resume to prove it, and every time we work together it is a joy.”

-Mike Vaccaro 

“To put it simply, he knows his stuff, from the creative to the technical. A pleasure to work with, a maestro of his field, someone I hope to work with again. “

-Russ Emanuel

“....Neil is a talented composer and producer who has proven himself time and time again in Hollywood creating some of the most beautiful and effective music I have ever heard. “

-Steven Saltzman